Lilac & Fawn flower donation to local North Hills senior residents through North Hills Community Outreach

Our Flower Donation to Senior Residents in the North Hills

We are so lucky to partner with North Hills Community Outreach to donate our flowers and arrangements to local senior citizens in the North Hills area! On January 12th we provided complimentary roses that were given out at the NHCO food pantry event. We were also delighted to donate a statement floral arrangement to a very special senior resident who was recovering from surgery.

The North Boroughs Food Pantry takes place at the Greenstone Methodist Church in Avalon, with upcoming dates of Jan. 26th from 2-4pm, Feb. 2nd from 2-4pm, Feb. 9th from 2-4pm and Feb. 23rd from 2-4pm. Donations can be dropped off at any NHCO location Mon-Fri 9am-4pm. If you have any questions about volunteering or getting involved with the Food Pantry, contact Jon Jordan at (412) 487-6316 or 


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