Jenny Madia- Owner & Lead Floral Designer

Jenny has formal training through Phipps Conservatory, PA Floral Academy and is always furthering her education, keeping current with the latest trends, techniques and mechanics. She has freelanced for top, luxury florists creating grandiose installations for large tented events, chuppahs, archways, hanging installations, aisleways and more. Jenny uses only premium flowers, frequently sources rare flowers like the tree peonies adorning our company logo, and supports local PA flower farmers during their growing seasons.

In addition to full service weddings, Lilac & Fawn flowers large events for organizations such as the American Heart Association, Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Jenny is an immense animal lover, shelter dog adopter and advocate. She enjoys Peloton yoga, coffee shops with her husband Steve, daily walks with her dog Roxy and is a huge fan of the Great British Baking Show! She loves getting to hand her lovely brides their bouquets, seeing their happiness and is beyond grateful to work with the beauty of nature!

Local Giving

Giving back is very important to us! We donate our extra flowers and leftover event centerpieces to senior homes through North Hills Community Outreach. Seasonally, a portion of our profits benefit animal shelters, rescues and wildlife sanctuaries.

Your patronage helps us support these phenomenal organizations. Thank you!

The Story Behind Our Name

When we set out to name our business, we wanted to capture the excitement and possibility of early spring…when the lilac is in full bloom sharing its enchanting scent throughout our neighborhoods and the deer are giving birth to their tiny, wobbly-legged fawns. As Pittsburghers, those first glimmers of spring are very welcomed!

Flowers and animals show us that despite the long cold winter, we will emerge with a miraculous strength. Lilacs have one of the shortest bloom times and only flower for three weeks at the beginning of spring…a gentle reminder to make the most of life while we still can.